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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ok, juz a short post. V tired. Class starts at 9am tmr :/

Last wednesday, i went to Sengkang to fly my Trex 500 with Zhan Hong and other adults there. Quite Sad that the Trex 500 is not to my liking. I kinda want to sell it away and get another heli :/. Waste of $$, but...... If it's not to my liking, no point flying it if i just dont feel comfortable with. Anyway, im targeting a new heli. Still not in production, but im just waiting for it soon. Its the SJM 500, very nice and reliable. Pics up:

Last Saturday, slept over at Gab's house again with Sarah and jerald and met Raymond. Its rly been a long time since i met my bestie Jerald. Sadly, Raymond couldnt sleepover :(.

Anyways, pics up at the slpover. Gab's photo isnt there cuz he was busy playing dota with melvin gan and his friends XD:

Anyway, today is Daryl Giam's 17th Bday. 1/2 of my classmates went to Seoul Garden to eat and celebrate his Bday :(. Only Desmond Law, Zhan Hong, JJ Kuek, Kelvin Tan, Joseph Choo, Jingquan, Daryl's friends: Drayco and erm..... ps, dunno his other friend =x. The rest couldn't make so......... yeah. Need organize another one where all the T1T2 students can go and slack and hang out. :P. Anyway, i will show about 5 pics only since uploading it is really long. If you wanna see it, go to my Facebook account and check out e album. :P

Ok, gotta go. Tired and sleepy. :P

7/07/2009 11:56:00 PM

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hi guys. Just wanna make a short post here. Cuz now im in a slpover with friends. XD

Watched Transformers 2 on wednesday. Awesome movie. It's a really must watch.

Also, I really have to thank Larry for giving me a new 1/2A rat race model on thursday. Very nicely built and streamlined. It's been years seeing him and it's cool to see him come back after he graduates from NP.

Ok, gonna game in a few minutes time.

And the last 4 paragraphs is really serious to the person who spammed my tagboard in my blog called "Unknown" and another person who spammed approx. 3 other people's blog using my name.

To "Unknown": I saw your tag just now about you trying to spam my blog cuz u got ways? Well... It's really childish for you to spam other people's blog. I deleted your tags in my tagboard and the arguments my friends and I made cuz its stupid. I also banned quite a number of your different IP addresses.

This also goes to another person who uses my name to tag other people's blog with childish comments. If you still continue to use my name and spam other people's blog like "Unknown", it really means u also have no life to tag people's blog for no bloody reason.

I'm not a person who creates enemies with nor a person who has enemies. This really means that whatever you are doing is just doing it for fun and nothing else. This really isn't funny and if you think about it, what do you stand to gain in the end?

And if you can spam again, this blog will be locked so as people who appreciate my blog can see while others who are childish fags like you can't see.

6/27/2009 01:02:00 AM

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi guys. Finally i have the time to blog after a super super super long time. Alot of things happening.

But since this is a short post so as kick start my blog again from being DEAD, i'll just write a few paragraphs and posts some photos.

I got third for the 1/2A National Aeromodelling championship rat race, Poly started and im having fun there, i got a new radio control helicopter.

Ok. Let's start with my Aerospace Course in Ngee Ann. Love it loads. Friends are good, alot of bonding and i have a course mate that shares one of my same interest. Flying RC helis! :P

We also play Counter-Strike in the class if the lecturer sucks, like my Engineering Mathematics 1 Lecturer. so basically almost half the class will play and it becomes like a LAN shop in class.

Half the class playing Counter-Strike 1.6 while the Lecturer is teaching:

And in June 2nd, i went for the 2009 National Aeromodelling Championships for the 1/2A Rat Race. Fastest timings in the heats and i got 3rd in the Finals (Cuz of some screwed up incident that forced me to crash my plane ):< .)

My National Aermodelling Plaque and my plane with the Profi 0.061 engine:

I also have a new RC heli which i bought in April, the Trex 500 ESP. Might sell it soon, cuz its kinda heavy for that size and other helis at the same size are much lighter and more powerful and reliable.

My Trex 500 ESP and together with my Trex 450:

6/22/2009 08:34:00 PM

Sunday, May 31, 2009

WOW! Nvr update for 2 months le. Studying for tomorrow's test on Fundamentals of Aerospace Technology >.<. So hate the lecturer.

Anyway, busy now, more updates will be coming in shortly. :P

5/31/2009 11:19:00 PM

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Its 5.15am. Im leaving in an hours time to malaysia to watch the F1 GP in sepang. This is my 12th yr watching F1. So yeah... im kinda a fan of F1 for a long time. Im not an expert, but at least i can giv u details about it. So if u wanna ask me some basic stuff from 1997-2009, u can ask me :D.

Alright, i got 45mins to slp.......

Will b back on tuesday evening. See u then! :D

4/04/2009 05:15:00 AM

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ok, the first week since i updated, i was in Perth, so i couldnt update. =x Then during the next 2 weeks, i was playing alot of Counter-Strike Source, Left 4 Dead and Need for Speed Undercover. :P

I completed the NFS Undercover in 1 day! It was nice, but to me, i found it way too short o.O. LOL!

Ok, this is a short post since im gonna sleep soon.

A few photos of my Perth Trip:


4/02/2009 01:03:00 AM

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yo ppl, sorry for not blogging for 1 week alrdy. Was very busy and stuff.

Monday i went to the healthway clinic cuz i gotta go to some medical check-up for my color vision test.

I was at home on Tuesday cuz i gotta pack my bags for my hols.

On wednesday, I went to NP to buy the Acer laptop for my sis with raymond liew and ...... i dunno how to spell her name. Istene? Sorry. Yah, i went there and like 80% of the ppl bought FUJITSU. Omg. So common lah. Its either ppl buy it cuz its light or the design is nice and the specs are crap. And Fujitsu's components are made in China and built in Japan. So dont think that Fujitsu is a Jap brand and its made in Japan. It isnt...... Thats why there are loads of problems with the hinges and some overheating problems. (which is worse for Acer and their overheating stuff...)

On Thurs, i met up with Jerald Tan, Daryl Pung and Gab Sng to go to the IT show to buy my Asus G50Vt laptop. Turns out to ran out of stock (which it isnt... U need to order it and it takes a month to deliver it to u). Then we felt sian, so all 4 of us went to Paradiz there to play L4D till 5.30pm. Gab, Daryl and Jerald went to eat at Paradiz 1st while i left for Funan to meet my parents and bought the Asus Laptop G50Vt at Juzz1 instead. LOL!

I bought the G50Vt laptop at Juzz1 cuz it costs $2798 with the 2.4Ghz C2D one while the other one at the IT show was selling it for $3098 with the 2.53Ghz C2D and its like white in color with a blueish fiery flame at the cover of the laptop which i can make the same design by using G-Maskm so uncool...

Here is my laptop :D :

Anyway, to her: HAPPY 17TH BELATED BDAY!!! :D I'm treating her dinner later tonight. :D

3/13/2009 02:25:00 PM