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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hey guys, didnt kept my promise about the 2 weeks thing. Its 2 weeks and 2 days since i last posted. lol! anyway, i few cool stuff happened in school and the rest, well.... nothing actually, juz plain boredom and studies. Juz had my English Prelim Oral juz now, was ok. The main topic about the oral was all on toys. Picture Discussion was on 5 little kids wrapping presents for some kind of event thing. Screwed it up. But at least my Conversation was ok. Instead of examiners that usually ask 1 to 2 questions. My examiner gave me 4. WTH! Well... the questions are alright bah. haha. Im gonna state the questions my examiner gave me in the conversation. I'm trying to remember and type it down, so the questions i type on this blog, might not be the exact question. If u wanna know the exact questions, juz look into the ten-year series book for english, in which i dun think i have.

1st question: "What is your most favourite toy when you were young?"
2nd question: "Do you prefer traditional toys or modern electronic toys?"
3rd question: "What is your toy that you love to have but could not get one?"
4th question: "Do you love to give or donate to other people?"

Anyway, that's much for today. Well... tomorrow is my plane geometry test. I think i can score. lol! and this coming friday is my Common Test and Physics SPA. Hope i can do well, will study and pray hard. =D

7/28/2008 06:01:00 PM

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi Guys, its been a super long time since i blogged. Ok, 2 months, Wat happened? Well... My results sucked during MYE and my Macbook was consficated by my parents. Anyway, now i can only use it once every 2 weeks, lol. Means i will only post twice per month, haha.

Ok, alot of things happened during these 2 months, most of them is my D&T. Yeap, 2 months hard work of blood sweat and tears all paid off. Very hard and long to do. But, its done ^^ =) =]]. Photos of them now, stage by stage Progress on how its made:

1. SOME of my first pieces made:

2. Another set of SOME of my pieces:

3. More of my D&T pieces:

4. Half Assembled artefact:

5. Fully Assembled, Chromed-Finished, artefact:

Ok, dun type about D&T liao, v sian le... LOL! Anyway, i went to the Henderson Park Bridge during the hols, i THINK its one of the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, pics up:

Well... I other than this event, some of them i didnt managed to take photo of, so its kinda boring as most of my holidays are wasted by my D&T O Levels, didnt managed to practice and revise my other 7 subs, Argh!!!

So, my last photo of all, for u to know about it, most of them see me as a Guai Lan boi (i am anyway, hah!), and they were shocked, surprised and obviously said that i look weird when they saw this pic on my phone last week:

I just put that up for fun anyway, only wore those eye-liners once, UNLIKELY to be putting that again, and the ppl who looked at me at a strange sight, oh boy....

Haha, this is a long photo post, will be posting another one again in 2 weeks time!! =]]

7/12/2008 04:05:00 PM