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Friday, February 29, 2008

Wow, I can't believe its been almost one week since i updated. Heh, this week also abit boring, scary, TIRED and feeling abit of sh!t sometimes.
On Monday, i just had my chem test, i didnt even know lor, i tot it was on tuesday. In the end, i passed. Phew, 24.5/40 Marks.

Tuesday, A Maths test was super freaking hard. I kept on stoning at all the 'Rate of change' Questions. I suppose a 'Sure fail' mark will come out in this coming week.

Wednesday, Nothing much, only passed my Chin-up (1 only, OMG) and Sit-ups (43, heh!)

Thursday, also quite boring, only on that day, nothing really much happened. Only had loads of D&T HW to do, Accidentally slept while doing my HW at around 2am.

And on Friday (today), finally got something. Went to school today, very sleepy. Slept in Ms Lee's class (First time though) even while my class was trying to solve the 'Class t-shirt' problem, in which i dun really cared much, cuz all of the ideas were not to my liking. If the t-shirt looks nice, i'll wear. If not nice, dun wear. Simple as that!
After that, got D&T, freaking boring 3 periods. Ms Wendy Tan helping all the struggling students, and me, i done it. So got nothing better to do.
Then got Chem, my favourite today. We went to the chem lab to see how reactive it is to put sodium and potassium into water. Wah, both the metals caught fire, then exploded, and giving out Hydrogen Gas in the process.

I edited this post again as i scared i will get caught by the teacher if i post the 2 vids up, then kena GG. So, if u missed it, too bad :P

2/29/2008 11:40:00 PM

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wah, today wake up at 6.30am, go to potong pasir to have breakfast at macdonald's and then go take taxi to Singapore Airshow with Ian Tan, Tim Koh and his Sec 1 friend, Nathaniel. Reached there at 8.30am, juz slack for one hour before gate opens. Ok, enuff typing, take a look at some pics and vids at the airshow:

This one, is the A380, the first video is when it is at the taxiway (move super slow), to take take-off for the show (in which is in the second vid).

More pictures:

More Vids:

Lastly, im lazy to put these photos on friendster...... :p

2/23/2008 05:58:00 PM

Friday, February 22, 2008

What a boring day today, although, like today, for CME, im active after school, well yes, im kinda... but not studying today lah.

Got few pics in which is cool though (if u like 'em):
Today, supposed to go for dental appointment today, but didnt realize that she orthodontist was in MC, still i cant make it back for SAYFC on time. Well... next friday also same, really dunno what to do sia. Anyway, when i finished sending my warranty card for my Sennheiser, i saw the at the Carpark near the Scotts hotel (i think. But the hotel is opposite Far East Plaza across Scotts Road). Its 2 Ferraris man, 2!!! although im not a fan of one, u dun really see 2 at the same time, parking in front of u, and seeing it with yur own eyes
The Red one: Ferrari Marenello 550 F1
The Yellow one: Ferrari F430 Modena

This one, I was at Vivo City juz now, 9pm:

2/22/2008 11:50:00 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BASKET!!!!!!!!! Kena caught for sleeping by Mrs. Belinda Charles' (Bloody Prinicipal) lecture today about the 'O' Levels thing, and the aggregate, and blah blah blah! Stupid Ang Mo slang......

Anyway, to get into Ngee Ann Poly's AeroSpace Technology, well....13 points for L1 R4 to get in, quite a challenge. After March Holidays, really muz chiong ler, if not, kena GG like shit. Ok, very tired now, have enuff embarrassment today. :p

2/20/2008 11:49:00 PM

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

oh well.... what a lame, boring and tiring day for me. i mean, get caught for sleeping in class in 2 different lessons, what a joke, but seriously, its tiring, till the point, i am so lazy, that i only went for chinese tuition, watched an hour of TV, and after this, im going to lay my sleepy head on my comfortable, fluffed up pillow.

heh, also accidentally dropped and lost my ipod protector today went walking back home, tried back-tracking, no have. Anyway, its juz $10, not as if i lost my whole iPod Touch (although i dropped it once, and there is a little, but irritating dent at the top right corner of the ipod).

ok, signing off now, tomorrow, hope i have time to blog, busy with loads of D&T, A Maths, History, Chemistry Homework to do. God bless!

2/19/2008 11:26:00 PM

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ahh....CT is over, both SPA Practical exams are over!!!! Not so sure i can pass my chinese, cuz i forgotten to write using the Report writing format. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz............ yeah yeah, and i failed my History, cuz i have no time. Okok, watz done is done, i cant change anything too., really nothing better to do, juz do a few HWs and im done for the day. So tired, i slept at 3am doing stupid notes of SS and history, but, sadly, i didnt do my History notes on time as well.

Ok, on sunday, i talked to him. He wasnt really happt nor showing any emotion. I apologized and tried to talk to him, but he ignored me. I mean, definitely he is troubled. But, wat can i do, he will definitely not tell me any of his problems. Well... I hope the Lord can bless him and hope that he will be ok soon..... And IF anyone saw my post about me talking bad against him, well, i kinda even regret putting up that post.

Anyway, juz to fill up my blog with nonsensical stuff, i will juz upload some photos for the fun of it!
The first photo, well.... Thats my awards for the past 2 years, sadly one of them (not seen in the picture), i cant keep cuz its only for 1 year, from 2006-2007. Also with my $1500 Helicopter and 2 of my other Limited edition planes.

2nd Photo: Well, im sure alot of ppl know ler, My gadget toys.

3rd photo: This one, i juz got this 'gadget' on Saturday. My Sennheiser CX400 in-ear headphones

Last one: i post this cuz it reminds me of somebody, hmmm.... (i dun think he wears golden boxers, or does he??)

2/18/2008 08:54:00 PM

Saturday, February 16, 2008

So sianzz... today went for Chemistry in school from 8am to 12noon (omg, 4 hours!) yeah, managed to survive through though :p

Went out with Nigel Lee today, go orchard road, walk around. All of coincidence, we saw Ryan Lee from 4SA at Wisma Atria. Yeah, but only said "hi"........

In the night, our family had a company dinner at Jurong (dunno which restaurant) wah, do the Yu Sheng, toss like mad, almost half of it on the table. Rah!!! then my dad and his few colleagues sing Karaoke for 3 hours while having dinner. Wah, sing so loud, i go toilet also can hear, even if the VIP room was closed. heh, ended at 10pm, dots, since 6.30pm.

Anyway, home sweet home, how happy will i be after i put my head on the soft, fluffed up pillow. But, with abit of misery and stress, i pray to God that i can finish my combined humanities notes my this weekend, and also sort things out with him, as he scolded me, till i almost cried. Yeah, kinda bad, but at least he is caring. Except being scolded for no reason at all, Scolding is learning right?? Yeah, he still cares for me, i know he does!

2/16/2008 11:41:00 PM

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wah, today common test damn cham man.. My English and E Maths, not enough time (15 marks gone from my E Maths paper btw!). Hope dun fail man, cuz i cant afford to take remedial when i got D&T to do everyday after school next time. Argh! Worst, my Chemistry O Levels SPA Practical. ehhh....dunno how to find the basicity of the acid in the fruit juice, and right wrongly of the Key source of error, LOL! Ahh...nvm lah, watz done is done, hope God can really help me this time.

Valentines Day is today too. Heh, today see alot of SAJC girls have all the funny stuff. One got a super big tweety bird soft toy, flowers...alot of funny stuff lah, Balloons also have. Sadly i have no one yet. Haha, life in a all boys school, no time go get GF one...

2/14/2008 05:39:00 PM

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oooooooooo, 4 days since i had last blogged... Ah, nvm, today, started with PE, running 2.4km for Nafa test, ok lah, timing was 11mins 55secs. Sianzz....Tomorrow also got 3 tests. English, E Maths and the worst: SPA Chemistry O Levels Practical Exam. Well...mugged quite alot already, hope i can do well tomorrow. Hehe, and its valentine's day, haha. Dunno who getting a date tomorrow (obivously not me of course!).

2/13/2008 11:03:00 PM

Saturday, February 9, 2008

RAH!!! Went to run at Bishan park this morning, 8am go run 2.4km practice.... ok, nvm bout that, once i finished, my timing was super slow, 13mins 30secs, dots... But at least i nvr stop and walk, i jogged and ran all the way to the finishing line.

My sister also ran with me today, first time she exercised in a month. Her timing was 17mins 45secs... Once she finished running, she almost fainted, vomtied and she totally went blind. And this wasnt the first time, in Year 2000, my sister actually fainted and collapsed when she was about to finish her cross-country run. Yeah, May the Lord bless her and keep her fit, and give her all the strength in her coming exercise that she does, Amen.

........... Came back just now, nothing to do, so went to take a lame picture of my MacBook and my iPod Touch.

Stupid right???

2/09/2008 12:07:00 PM is saturday night, at 12 midnoght i meant. Quite a good day today, maybe not. Started out badly, supposed to wake up at 6.30am for jogging with my sis. But i was so deep into my sleep till i didnt even hear the alarm clock ring... So, woke up at 10.30am instead (wtf, 4 hours overslept).

Ah crap, ruined my morning. Went for lunch, had a great meal at the Singapore's best prata shop, the "Casurina Curry". I know, its name is curry, not prata. Still, its better than Jalan Kayu's one though, haha.

Ok, came back, did my A Maths homework only (though i dunno how to do Ex14.3 and Ex14.4, HELP!!!). then go transfer data from my Mac Leopard to my Windows XP, by using my parent's 320GB hard drive. Super Troublesome, need to take out the power port, plug, USB port, almost like setting up the power for a Laptop...

At 6pm, dinner, friends came down to our house to have a feast of fried beehoon, curry vegetables, sotong balls, prawn balls and...KFC?? yup yup. Two KFC prosperity meals. Like the one My friends and I ate my bday party at Cathay...

After that, i went to look through updates for my N81. Haha, the n-gage games have come out, but only for N81 and N81 8GB (means that N95, N95 8GB and N82 Phones cannot use this updates yet!). not bad, got 3 trial games come out. Space impact, Creatures of the Deep, and...dun care the last game, not fun. Sadly, if wan buy the game, SG$18 i think. But not bad leh, can pay through phone bill leh, more easier than giving me another option for paying through Credit Card. Wah, play already, drooling over the full version of the game, damn nice. Graphics are much better than those u play in arcade. Ask my dad whether can buy, he immediatly shoot: "Your 'O' Levels Ah!! Still one play somemore!!".

Aww Man... No fair, i mean, i will only play if i on my way back home by bus, or in the car, if i got nothing better to do... If i play at home, if i am supposed to do study time, then how am i suppose to well in my O Levels man... 10 points for L1R4 to get into AeroSpace Technology in Ngee Ann Poly leh!

Dang it! Nvm, 9 more months to go before i can play my n-gage games, And get new speakers for my MacBook, and get new sound docking station for my iPod Touch and get a...... AND GO TO EUROPE (i think..)!!!

Well...If i need to get all these, must study hard, yes, study hard, but after March Holidays then i start chionging, hahaha.
But no matter wat, the Lord will always be with me, protecting and guiding me through all the kinds of obstacles i am going to face in future.

May the Lord also bless my best bros, Ernest Quek, Jerald Tan and Tan Ze Xun, and my best bro, Melvin (kor kor) too. hope they will do well in all kinds of things they will face and bless us all. Amen!

2/09/2008 12:09:00 AM

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Year of the Rat, what a year to come. O Levels are coming. Many things are going to happen in school, be it good or bad. Friends who will either accompany you or leave you behind. But whatever it is, this year will be a challenging year! So...Happy CNY to all!

Btw, since one of the traditions is that the children in the family have to stay awake during the first night of CNY, to ensure that your parents will live longer. So, yesterday, i slept at 3.30am playing Counter-Strike source, dots.... I know, u guys might think that im addicted to it, and of course, I am. But anyway, i wun be play anymore le. Got abit sick and tired of it, and still got homework to do....

2/07/2008 01:40:00 PM

Monday, February 4, 2008

today, go to school, same same as normal. Luckily nvr get caught by teacher for sleeping 0.0" yah, haha! oh yah btw, got a few pictures i am posting. kinda cool, and maybe weird lah!

1. This is a typical mind-map made on A3 PAPER for D&T. One try, then teacher say no need do anymore ler, haha. So i only do one can ler, while my friends needa do more as they not enuff info on their mind-map >.<(showing off now)

2. Ah.. one of my favourite pics! Around 7pm after me Youth Flying Club. Then went out to the field play soccer at night. Around 7.30pm, finish playing, i saw the SAINTS word with the back light, look damn nice. Cool huh??

3. During chinese class, Ernest drew this little Bus on a piece of eraser. So....dunno how to say, but haha, he drew quite fast leh! less than 10mins.

2/04/2008 05:34:00 PM

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crap, i didnt read esmond's blog properly, didnt know he wanted my to do this, he posted it on 11th Jan, now is 2nd Feb, omg! Anyways, since he asked me to do it, I will, Better to be late than never right??

1. Do the following without complaints.
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours.
3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.

Colour: Blue, maybe with black....
Food: Deep Fried
Song: Rock, Pop, Christian songs
Sport: Badminton, Does Flying Planes under the hot sun (sweating like mad) count??
Day of The Week: Obviously Friday
Season: Dunno, Singapore only got rain and sunshine
Ice-cream: chocolate!!
Mood: Try to be Happy
Taste: sweetish
Clothes: Dark Clothes, Blue & Black??
Desktop: Who needs a desktop when you have a Black MacBook
Toenail: What kind of freaking question is this???
Time: 0000
Surroundings: Does Playing Counter-Strike in LAN count??
Annoyances: Chinese and A Maths
Thoughts: Dunno, thoughts can be anything.

Best Friends: Ernest Quek!!! Melvin Gan and Jerald Tan(Mr. PAI KIA)
Crush: in Kindergarden, I think its was Sheryl, sad she left for perth in 2001 after she accepted my me as her boyfriend...Nvr kept in touch also =(
Movie: My first movie, I was so young at that time, how to know?? Maybe it was Lion King...
Lie: Too Young to remember
Music: Look what i wrote on top ler...
Cigarette: -Nil-
Drink (Alcohol): Red Wine
Car Ride: on the way back from the hospital.
Phone Call: Too Young to remember
CD Played: Look what i wrote on top ler

Dated Your Best Friend: I am not gay.
Broken The Law: Jaywalk, Litter.
Been Arrested: I am a Good Boy, i won't get caught except GOD
Skinny-Dipped: huh??
Been On TV: I wish manz. Only a big picture of me winning an award on the front page of a magazine.
Kissed Someone You Don't know: Nope. I hope its not a guy if i ever did.
5 things you are wearing: Should be more then 5 lah.. got eyeballs, brain, fingers, legs, heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, etc....
4 things you've done today: woke up, Had lunch with Jaron, played badminton, typing this thing.
3 things you can hear right now: Radio, sqeaking noises from my Air-Con and conversation between my sis and dad in my sis' room
1 thing you do when you are bored: Sleep! =)

5 people to do this thing too:
1) Melvin Gan (Cat)
2) Ernest Quek (ernestine)
3) Ze Xun (Panda)
4) Ronald (Coastal Indonesian)
5) Raymond (Sting Ray)

2/02/2008 11:47:00 PM