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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey, juz gonna post some random stuff here, cuz im kinda depressed by some of my results... (I will not tell u my mid-year exams grades until i receive my report card next week).

Anyways, i got these Random stuff from my friend's blog:

1. Beijing Olympics, uhh....

2. Flags:

Josh Parsons, a lecturer in the Otago University obviously had too much time at hand and gave letter grades to existing flags in the world. Yes, he graded the aesthetic value based upon a list of arbitrary rules:
Rule 1: Do not write the name of your country on your flag.
Rule 1a: Do not write on your flag.
Rule 1b: Do not write some stupid slogan on your flag.
Rule 1c: If you must write a stupid slogan on your flag, do not do so in a living language!
Rule 2: Do not put a map of your country on your flag.
Rule 2a: Do not put a picture of anything on your flag.
Rule 3: Do not use a tricolour unless you are in Europe.

Here are a sampling of the flags that achieved the rare A-grades:

A 88/100
Best use of the star and crescent. Unfortunately, it depicts something astronomically impossible, namely the eclipse of the moon by a star. But perhaps it's not a star but a nuclear satellite-weapon aimed at India?

A- 80/100
Hmm... that maple leaf? A difficult question, but I think not quite stylized enough.

And the B-graded flags are...

B 74/100
very original, but at least an improvement on the US flag.

B 70/100
Did you even try?

B 65/100
Too many stars

B- 65/100
Machete on flag nicely depicted but not wise idea.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
B- 65/100
Good effort for a country whose name sounds like a 50s rock'n'roll group.

As you can probably guess, as the grade slips further, the description becomes more hilarious.

C+ 60/100
Possibly most eyewatering flag in existence.

Former Republic of Macedonia
C+ 60 / 100
Looks unfortunately like a target.

New Zealand
C 55/100
Colonial Nonsense

C- 50/100
"Hey, lots of countries have a tricolour, why don't we have a quadricolour?" Big mistake.

Unfortunately. there were many more failures. Haha.

Marshall Islands
D+ 45/100
Looks like an airline logo.

D 40/100
Features a picture of a woman crucifying a harp.

D 40/100
Name of country written on the flag. Perhaps they have the excuse that their citizens can't remember the difference between Paraguay and Uruguay either.

D 40/100
Features a hawk sitting on a toilet.

Falkland Islands
D- 38/100
Worst UK colonial flag. Has a sheep on it. Actually, if you look closely, you can see that the sheep is riding on top of an island, which is riding on top of a ship. Also the stupid slogan is in English, and is a platitude.

El Salvador
D- 36/100
Not only did they write the name of country on the flag, but its full mailing address, in a living language.

F 20/100
Name of country written on flag in ugly typeface. Notice that the M of Guam is larger than the other letters. I have given it this high a grade because it would actually make quite a nice tea towel.

Northern Mariana Islands
F 2/100
Appears to have been constructed from clip art. Truly awful.

Yet, the funniest and most cruel description was reserved for the Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu.

D+ 49/100
Tuvalu was previously on 50. However, I didn't realise the horrible truth about their flag. Those stars aren't in a random arrangement at all... they're in the shape of the islands that make up the country. It's a map! On the other hand much of Tuvalu will soon be underwater owing global warming, and they'll have to remove some of those stars.

I bet you never knew flags could be of so much fun. out, gotta do up my 'replacement' for my lost D&T folio...

5/13/2008 06:39:00 PM

Monday, May 12, 2008

Phew, exams are over, and time to play, but WTH! Tomorrow is the day we either be happy, excited, or DIE!!!
Results are tomorrow, I will have to see how it goes man... There arent any subjects that I can score super zai. Oh well, the Lord has his ways. Whateva he does to me, its God's will. But surely he is helping me and guiding me throughout my life. Even though God is giving me lots and lots of obstacles to face, he knows that if I can overcome it, it will pay off.

Last Saturday, Jerald, my sis and I went to watch Iron Man in the early afternoon, not bad, very good. Storyline also not bad. BTW, if u have stayed till the end of the movie, there was one very short clip, about the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., his name was called the Avenger Initiative (not sure ah). So, went back home in the night to research about it. So, I have a strong feeling that the next Iron Man movie, might have other superheroes in it as well, in which they are all in the group called S.H.I.E.L.D.

Went to play CS with Jerald at Yishun today. We went to LAN gaming for 5 hours. Sadly there arent alot of ppl. Maybe cuz some school's exams are not over yet, or they have school... Whateva it is, we both play until shuang. Either we own them, or kena OWNED. Once finished, we stood up from the chair, our knee caps starts to ache.

After that, Jerald has to zao liao cuz he got tuition later. Mine was cancelled, cuz he kena food poisoning (ouch)....
Then took bus back home. Slept most of the journey. When I woke up, i realized i actually overslept, missed my stop. So, had to walk back 3 stops down, super sianz....

Ok...thats it for today's post. I gtg liao, watching Youtube vids later.

5/12/2008 08:36:00 PM

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hi ppl, Today its a Friday, the 2nd last paper for MYE, phew... Had D&T, was pretty ok, except for the 8 marks question i left blank. Kinda stupid, i think when Ms Tan see my paper, she will be super shocked at my paper, 1st question (8 marks), the whole front page, blank. LOL! But after that, its easy liao...

Its been a very weird weather this week. Especially when all my Goldfishes died in the pond due to Heat stroke... So my dad was so pissed, that cuz our mini fountain aquarium was 10 years liao, so we juz threw it away. In my school, we got Air-con in the school hall. But when inside the hall, it started to rain, super super cold. When exam over, going back home, hot like Siao, maybe so hot can even fry an egg on someone's head...

Ok, so.... As u know, i've added a song on m blog. Finally decided to put a suitable song onto my blog. I've turned old school, using the newest Backstreet Boys Album. The song is "Unmistakable". Sadly this isn't the most popular song in the album though.

Yesterday, was talking to my friend Jan. Then we were like talking about MeLMeL's new house. Then she send me 2 photos of his new room. Super nice man, look like a small high class hotel room, with a LCD TV and queen -sized bed. Maybe I should ask my parents also do same thing. Sell my terrace house, downgrade to four-room flat, and upgrade until look like a Mini Palace.

Ok, Pics up for last week:

My sis and I making stupid Looks in the car, Since we got nothing better to do, heh! Talk about a good sibling bonding alright.

Then i also bought 'Royce' Strawberry Chocolate for her belated birthday. Since she liked Royce choc alot:

And, This is where the SINGAPORE's BEST ROTI PRATA (Much better than Jalan Kayu) is, we've been eating there for years. But since got chance to take one shot, so juz see how BIG and crispy it looks. Casurina Prata:

5/09/2008 06:30:00 PM

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hi guys, kinda late now, its 12.30am on LABOUR DAY. Yay!! I'm so happy its public holiday...NOT! Holiday my ass man, Got E Maths and History the next day. No time to enjoy relaxation, More of Pressure.
Ah heck, juz study, if study smart, can score, if not, hope u can pass or else GG bah...

Just now went to Watch "The Forbidden Kingdom". Kinda stupid to watch during mid of MYE. But Next day is a Public holiday right? So the next day i got almost 15 hours to study, Excluding eating, pooing, bathing, talking, walking, etc.

My sis went to book online for 4 tickets for the whole family to watch. Went to AMK Cathay to watch, cuz there were no seats available at J8. The Forbidden Kingdom was nice, but one thing i'm juz puzzled. Why must they speak so much England. I prefer slightly more Cheena would be better, more traditional. And especially that there are both Mandarin and English subtitles.

Ok, gtg, sleepy now, will post either during friday, the weekend or next week.

5/01/2008 12:31:00 AM