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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ok, today was abit stress. A Maths and Pure Chem Mid-year exam this morning. Both are kind of hard man (to me only).
Ahh.... Better not talk about the the exams. Next one will be on Friday, After Labour Day, History and E Maths.

Before I start about what happen today after my Exams, i would like to type a few short sentences about Monday. After Physics Class, we did something funny to our classmate's belongings. Took his bag, and hung it up on the classroom speakers and his pencil box on the projector screen's rope. My classmates also went to use a metre rule and whacked the the pencil box.

Poor Samuel Lee, Look at his stationary:

So, after exams. I went to have lunch with ernest at toa payoh. Kind of stupid. No chopsticks to eat the Hor fun, so use spoon. Oh my goodness, the sauce kind of splattered on my uniform. Look like polka-dot man, somemore the uniform is white in colour. Then Ernest and I met raymond at the Toa Payoh Library.

After that, we went to the Sony Ericcson Service Centre at Wisma Atria to get Ernest's Phone fixed, cuz his friend's micro SD card was stuck in the phone's Memory card slot. Kinda stupid though. We actually thought the phone will be repaired after few days, instead. His phone was fixed in just 10 minutes. From what Ernest told me, the lady juz went into the repair room, juz to pull out the stuck micro SD card from the slot, and its fixed ler. LOL.

Raymond and I doing stupid expressions while waiting for Ernest's Phone being "repaired" :

Ok, so we went to United Square after that cuz there's Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. Giving free ice cream for everybody. When we arrived there, WAH, the queue is super long sia. Damn jialat! While queueing, we saw Ah Ji and Angsana trying to mock us. Saying that they had their ice-cream already at Vivo City. Wat's worse, they even want to join the queue with us. Definitely not man, We waited for about 15mins and only 3/4 way to go, and they want to cut queue with us.

See how long the freaking queue is man:

Waited for an hour, got my chocolate ice-cream. Wah, taste so good, The Rich Creamy chocolate ice-cream melting in my mouth, soothing sweetness going down my throat. Ok ok, too much detail.

Hey Hey, Ben & Jerry's Ice cream!! :

After that, we departed, go home and slack. Will be studying for my E Maths and History tomorrow night and labour day. Ok, gtg, Needa slp soon. There's still school tomorrow... =(

4/29/2008 11:40:00 PM

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hihi, didn't turn up for my A maths class as I am now waiting for collection of my N81 phone at wheelock place now. The lady called me as I was about to go back to school after having lunch at macs with shaun, jerome and another guy. The lady said that the ACTUAL price of the stupid repair Is only $78.65. Wth man. Well, typing this post now is just trying to cut time of waiting foe the queue to be my turn now.

SS was kinda easy though. But the last 13 mark question was so... I forgotten about what to write... And yesterday's English paper was also screwed as well. Being in the top 2 classes in the level sucks now, cuz 4SA and 4SB had to take harder paper 2 as well.

Ok, gtg. Have to save my battery now.

Blogged on my iPod Touch.

4/25/2008 03:34:00 PM

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok, yesterday was one of the most coincidental Days, 22nd April 2008.

Firstly, Yesterday was 'Earth Day'. I dunno what it was, but it looks like its something to do with the environment conservation and stuff. If u know what it is, u can link me. Cuz i do not know at all.

Secondly, yesterday was RAYMOND's 16th Birthday and Miss Angel Lee's (FORM TEACHER) Birthday.

It was indirectly a blessing yesterday morning. With heavy showers and thunder, (BTW, my house was short circuited when the lightning hit directly on our house) and we had no morning Assembly. So all Sec3s and 4s are to go to the form teacher's home room. Cuz our form teacher only comes up and open her room 20 mins before our first lesson starts, my classmate went to break in early to her homeroom. By removing 4 window panels, my classmate manages to "wriggle" into the classroom and unlock the door for the rest of the class. We then went to draw and write a big "Happy Birthday" on the whiteboard. After waiting for 15 mins, she arrived knowing that we broke in to her classroom. Anyway Zul came in later with a green, pandan and kaya cake and lit up the candle. Then, we wished her happy birthday and my classmates pass her post cards and stuff. Ok, since the birthday song was kinda loud, a nearby teacher went to take a look and also joined us. And he took a number of photos and stuff.

(Photos taken from Saint 2.0 Blog)

Miss Lee (Form teacher):

Our class 'bonding' and celebrating Miss Lee's Birthday

Ummm..... Splitting the cake into 40 pieces??

More Pics from Saint 2.0:
Click here

4/23/2008 04:15:00 PM

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Juz a quick post. It wasn't a very good week, more of a stress one. With lots of Homeworks and other stuff to complete. Its not really been nice. Especially when I dropped my N81 on the staircase face down, causing the whole LCD screen to internally crack. Ouch! Thankfully replacement of the LCD screen is only $120, not too bad. Ok, have a "good" mid-year in the coming weeks.

Blogged on an iPod Touch at Macs

4/19/2008 11:56:00 AM

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday night, my Family and I went to Suntec City to have an early Birthday dinner for my sis, so we ate at Swiss Culture (third floor, near Toy R' Us). When we entered at the carpark, its super empty. We even parked opposite the Ramp to the Carrefour entrance, a place where it is usually popular.

Suntec Carpark B2 at 7pm:

We went to order Cheese Fondue with 4 plates of food: Beef, Chicken, Mixed Veggies and Swiss Sausage at Swiss Culture.
When we saw the cheese fondue, omg, its like super big! Look like cannot finish like that, LOL. But in the end, We finished everything. I'm not sure why though, but we realised that there was insufficient cheese.

Some kind of Peach soda in Swiss Culture:

I can't upload the pics for the food in Swiss Culture, so that one I have to wait for my sis to come back home first...

After dinner, when we were about to leave Swiss Culture, we saw this fish tank. All the Goldfishes were stuck at the corner of the Fish tank.

Hmm.... maybe because there were baby sharks in the fish tank as well, causing the Gold fishes to be scared:

Today went to read the Sunday Times Paper. Omg, this article is super funny, something related with my classmate, Jitesh, the COW!

Ohoh, Btw, also went to Queenstown shopping centre after Church Service at St. James' (This is the reason why I cant go to CHS today). My Parents bought me a pair of Teva Sandals and a pair of Adidas AdiBounce Shoes. I won't be wearing that precious AdiBounce to school, cuz its still brand new, and i do not want people to step on them, LOL.

I only took the pic of the AdiBounce shoes though:

4/13/2008 08:53:00 PM

Friday, April 11, 2008

Today in school was so darn funny man. This morning went I came, it was raining. So I all Sec 3 & 4s are supposed to go to their form teacher's classroom. I saw a broken window outside the form teachers classroom when I came, I realised that Nico accidentally broke it... When he told our Form Teacher, she was kind enough to say "Pretend I did not see anything..." LOL, Thankfully Nico was spared.

Chemistry class was the best! 2 of my classmates (one indian: Pradeep, the other is chindian: Nathaniel) was sleeping. Once the chem lesson was over, the whole class went slient, putting the chairs quitetly underneath the tables, went out of the class silently, even my chem teacher was cooperating with us. LOL, talk about class bonding, in a very unique way. One of my classmates went to take Pradeep's School bag, and took Nathaniel's shoes. A few other Sec 3 students and another chem teacher went to take a look as well. Then my form teacher went upstairs to take a look. Man I tell u, she kinda spoilt the fun. She went into the classroom, used a wooden stuck and bang onto the table. Only one was awake, the other was still sleeping. Yeah, after that, the whole class cheered outside the classroom. And both of my friends were either in shock / lost or in blur mode when they woke up. I was really laughing like hell man!
Sadly i forgotten to take a vid of it. I only have one picture though:

My dad has came back overseas. Picked him up at T2 at 5pm. Took a merc cabbie back home. Man, the taxi fare is ex man! The following picture will tell u the cost:

4/11/2008 06:39:00 PM

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My My, its been a week again, looks like im blogging once a week now. Maybe its cuz its kinda boring for the whole week, thats why. LOL
Btw, i took some pics today. Like the progress of my D&T artefact. its 40% done, the quickest in school, HAHAHA. But still, i have 20 pages more for my folio, gonna work hard this weekend. While some people is gonna relax and enjoy themselves, i will be stuck at home doing HW and my D&T. Not time for mugging, so my Mid-year is gonna get screwed, starting for English in 13 days more!

So 40% done on my D&T artefact. Some friends are getting jealous and envious, saying that i Pangseh them...
Ok, now pics:

My D&T artefact (to be completed)

My Billabong wallet and My friend's pencil box, retarded, LOL!

Oh oh, btw, my uncle has moved house. Cuz of that, he gave me a few planes of his. I thought it was cool to my Planes collection. BUT i have 2 identical planes, same as his. So i will have a same $150 F-18 and a same $300 F-15. The rest are old post-war planes.

My Plane collections:

Two F-15s and an extra F-16:

Post War Planes:

Out of topic, but those Butterfly Door GTR cars are juz nice (Merc and Porche):

4/10/2008 08:14:00 PM

Thursday, April 3, 2008

WTH! Its been 8 days since I posted. Maybe I was just lazy or no time post?? LOL! Anyhoo, This week its a nice experience, yet, LAME!
Went for the School's Concert band at the Esplanade on Monday, Very Nice! The music was so good at the beginning till I had goose-bumps all over my arm. BUT at the end, before the encore, the music had a good sweet, melody till it tuned me to sleep for almost 10mins. Encore was the nicest too. Now the only thing is that I kinda want an album from the military band. ZeXun was good with his solo on the flute as well =D.
School's Concert Band:

Tuesday, was April Fools Day. While other classes were enjoying pranking teachers and friends, our class had no tricks up their sleeves, how lame was that.
Wednesday, was just the South-Zone Millennium Race thing. Quite a number of schools came to our school for the competition. And finally after around 7 YEARS, our school lost the championship to Beatty Secondary (if im not wrong).
Today, I did my 'O' Levels D&T artefact, 10% done already, Yeeppeeee. Although I played too much of the n-gage games on my N81 till the black colour paint on the phone mysteriously disappeared, leaving a transparent plastic, in which the light from the playing buttons can go through. I had to use permanent marker just to touch-up. And I tell you, the paint isn't one small patch, its a VERY BIG one. Babylan is feeling super sad.
Tomorrow, there will be Sport's Day, will be released at 12noon for lunch and be at SAJC be 12.45pm. Will be there for freaking 6hours of nothing. Only excited bout it is that our school receives free Haagen-Dazs Ice-creams.

BTW, see some cool pics, its nice and werid too!

Picture of the escalators at Vivo City from the top floor to basement 2:

Picture at Pan Pacific lobby, looking up to the rooms (mind you, this is INSIDE the hotel, roof covered in glass):

4/03/2008 08:47:00 PM