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Friday, April 11, 2008

Today in school was so darn funny man. This morning went I came, it was raining. So I all Sec 3 & 4s are supposed to go to their form teacher's classroom. I saw a broken window outside the form teachers classroom when I came, I realised that Nico accidentally broke it... When he told our Form Teacher, she was kind enough to say "Pretend I did not see anything..." LOL, Thankfully Nico was spared.

Chemistry class was the best! 2 of my classmates (one indian: Pradeep, the other is chindian: Nathaniel) was sleeping. Once the chem lesson was over, the whole class went slient, putting the chairs quitetly underneath the tables, went out of the class silently, even my chem teacher was cooperating with us. LOL, talk about class bonding, in a very unique way. One of my classmates went to take Pradeep's School bag, and took Nathaniel's shoes. A few other Sec 3 students and another chem teacher went to take a look as well. Then my form teacher went upstairs to take a look. Man I tell u, she kinda spoilt the fun. She went into the classroom, used a wooden stuck and bang onto the table. Only one was awake, the other was still sleeping. Yeah, after that, the whole class cheered outside the classroom. And both of my friends were either in shock / lost or in blur mode when they woke up. I was really laughing like hell man!
Sadly i forgotten to take a vid of it. I only have one picture though:

My dad has came back overseas. Picked him up at T2 at 5pm. Took a merc cabbie back home. Man, the taxi fare is ex man! The following picture will tell u the cost:

4/11/2008 06:39:00 PM