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Thursday, April 3, 2008

WTH! Its been 8 days since I posted. Maybe I was just lazy or no time post?? LOL! Anyhoo, This week its a nice experience, yet, LAME!
Went for the School's Concert band at the Esplanade on Monday, Very Nice! The music was so good at the beginning till I had goose-bumps all over my arm. BUT at the end, before the encore, the music had a good sweet, melody till it tuned me to sleep for almost 10mins. Encore was the nicest too. Now the only thing is that I kinda want an album from the military band. ZeXun was good with his solo on the flute as well =D.
School's Concert Band:

Tuesday, was April Fools Day. While other classes were enjoying pranking teachers and friends, our class had no tricks up their sleeves, how lame was that.
Wednesday, was just the South-Zone Millennium Race thing. Quite a number of schools came to our school for the competition. And finally after around 7 YEARS, our school lost the championship to Beatty Secondary (if im not wrong).
Today, I did my 'O' Levels D&T artefact, 10% done already, Yeeppeeee. Although I played too much of the n-gage games on my N81 till the black colour paint on the phone mysteriously disappeared, leaving a transparent plastic, in which the light from the playing buttons can go through. I had to use permanent marker just to touch-up. And I tell you, the paint isn't one small patch, its a VERY BIG one. Babylan is feeling super sad.
Tomorrow, there will be Sport's Day, will be released at 12noon for lunch and be at SAJC be 12.45pm. Will be there for freaking 6hours of nothing. Only excited bout it is that our school receives free Haagen-Dazs Ice-creams.

BTW, see some cool pics, its nice and werid too!

Picture of the escalators at Vivo City from the top floor to basement 2:

Picture at Pan Pacific lobby, looking up to the rooms (mind you, this is INSIDE the hotel, roof covered in glass):

4/03/2008 08:47:00 PM