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Friday, November 14, 2008

Yeap, got my Macbook last week, but was still mugging. Lets see my "Target score" for my Os and im being realistic here.

English: B3
E Math: A2
A Math: B3
Combined Science: A2
Combined Humans: C5
Design & Technology: A1
Chinese 'B': Pass

L1R5 - 16 points - 2 CCA points = 14 points
L1R4 - 11 points - 2 CCA points = 9 points.

Thats all, not that realistic though, since these are the grades that must be MINIMUM to get. Why?

English: I thing I write my compo abit out of topic and i screwed up my Oral.

E Math: I can will get the least 83%, can't get A1 already if moderate.

A Math: Paper 2, only lose 20 marks out of 100. For Paper 1, i lost around 30 marks out of 80 when everyone almost can get full marks, GOSH!

Combined Science: Both my sciences i got careless mistakes, very scary and hard to get A1 now.

Combined Humans: History-I lost 8 marks out of 50 cuz i do not have time to write finish. SS- Same as History, didnt write finish but worst, i lost around 20 marks out of 50. Sigh.....

D&T: My teacher said im top in level for my D&T Practical, 70% of the subject, my teacher marked mine 67%. I don't take my theory paper can get B3 le, but must still get A1, so just take my theory paper. Very Hard, but all i need is just 8% more (which is only 27 marks out of 100 for my theory paper to get A1. heh.

But all these are just the estimates. I cant do anything now, just have to wait 65 days to receive the results. I can't control the moderation, only God can. So, whatever results I will receive it, i will accept it cuz it is God who gave me that results that I will receive it.

At least i got my 2 CCA points as my saviour, thank goodness. But 2 miserable CCA points after joining 3 CCAs at one time (I got a total of 40 points earned from my CCAs and 250 CIP hours), DAMN!

Anyway, i also juz had Graduation Dinner at Raffles Town Club (13/11/2008) and taken some photos from my phone with some friends, and most of the other photos are with ZeXun and a few others in which I will chase them after i come back from my holidays.

I kinda dressed umm... Abit Emoish and abit Goth?? Nah, cant be...

Photo at the end of the grad night. Jerald, Ernest and I, BEST FRIENDS!!!. Stupid Jerald and his funny Golden ribbon on his trousers.

Photo with Raymond Liew:

Photo with a group of Sec 5 Seniors, lol :

I wore contacts, but its kinda sucks cuz its suppose to be blue, but its looks so dark and only 2 or 3 ppl realized i was wearing blue contacts. This is a photo where you can see that my contact lens are blue:

Ok, catch you guys next time on 1st December 2008, flying off for 2 weeks to UK. Anyone wanna see me off?? U can meet me at 7am, Terminal 3 on saturday morning 15th November. Haha, juz kidding.

Bon Voyage!

11/14/2008 01:53:00 AM