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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ok, my arm is still slightly better. Went to some Chinese Doctor dude. He did some acupuncture, using some vacuum thing with some circular cap thing and vacuum different parts of my arm and joints so as to align my bone and muscle thing of some sort. Kinda pain, but i just kept quiet and bare with it. If u wanna know how pain it is, check out my pic:

Anyway, since im pretty bored at home now, i will juz slowly take my time posting up my UK photos of day 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15:

DAY 11:

The photo of the Travelodge we stayed for then night on day 10:

We went to Winchester to see some King Arthur thing:

Then we went to the McLaren Technology Centre. But sadly, we can't go in =((. So we just took photos of outside the gate of the Technology centre:

Ok, we reached London:

The Travelodge we are going to stay for the next 4 days, quite nice:

Our Travelodge was near King's Cross Station, so its very convenient for us to get around London:

Platform 9 and 3/4. LOL!:

We went to China Town for dinner:

DAY 12:

We went to the Tower of London, some castle:

We saw a Sundial on our way:

Ok, at the Tower of London:

Inside the Castle:

Tower Bridge, Not London Bridge (ppl thought tower bridge was london bridge, it isn't. They are both different Bridges):

We took the train down to Big Ben, London Eye and House of Parliament:

We then went back to Travelodge to have an early rest for day .

DAY 13:

Early in the morning we set out. My mum and dad went shopping in london while my sis and I went to the Shakespear's Globe. Sadly, the globe was being renovated, so the pics are not so nice:

My sis and I then met our parents at, if im not wrong, the nelson mandala's tower (dunno wat tower lah XD):

On our way to Buckingham palace after lunch at the Train Stn... :

We walked to buckingham palace and we saw 3 police bikes, 2 escort cars and one super nice Bentley in the palace and about to leave (we could only take 1 photo and then the police stopped us from taking anymore, what the heck...). And i know why they didn't allow. When the 3 bikes and 2 escort cars and the bentley in the middle, the woman who is in the bentley was Queen Elizabeth the second in a red shirt, omg!!!! I saw the queen, but most likely she might be going on her late afternoon shopping i guess:
(photo of the 3 police bikes)

Anyway, more photos of the buckingham palace after the queen left:

Squirrel in the park:

After our dinner, my sis and I then went to watch a concert on a thursday evening and boy it was crowded. The concert - Joseph and the Technicolor Coat:

Very nice, i say. It has a different feel from the concert in the esplanade in SG

DAY 14:

We went straight to Madam Tussauds, the World's largest Wax Museum, in the morning so as to avoid the afternoon crowd.
I thought it was going to be a boring museum with wax stuff. But i was wrong. Surprisingly, they make actors out of wax. Take a look at the photos and guess who they are:

Of course, there are more, but i only wanna upload a few only :D

We then went to Sherlock Holmes museum after lunch. But we only went into the souvenir shop cuz we were lazy to go to the tour:

After that, i felt very lazy to go out after my dinner and i stayed in the hotel for the whole night while my parents went to Chinatown again for dinner and walked around.

DAY 15:

We went to some museum thing which i dunno what its called. But my parents wanted to go there, so... yeah:

After lunch, we left Travelodge and went to Heathrow Airport and waited till evening for dinner at T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's Friday) and boarded the A380 for a 12 hour flight back to SG:

Thats the end of my UK trip hols, hope u guys enjoyed my photos! =D

12/29/2008 07:59:00 PM