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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yesterday was too lazy to put photos for days 4, 5 and 6. So now i will put 4 days in a row. Day 4, 5, 6 & 7.

DAY 4:

Pictures of the Travelodge we stayed for the night:

I was a great fan of Roald Dahl books, so i had to visit the Roald Dhal Museum and Story Centre:

We headed for Silverstone Formula 1 Circuit. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to go inside. So, we only took the visitor's centre:

Lunch at Little Chef:

We stayed for the night at Travelodge in York.

DAY 5:

ZZZzzz..... :

Breakfast at Eat & Drink Co. which is beside travelodge:

Pictures of Travelodge we stayed for the night at York:

We headed for William Wilberforce House Museum (the guy who tried to stopped slavery in UK):

We headed down to York City Town centre on our way to the National Railway Museum:

National Railway Museum!! :

World's First Train:

More Trains and Locomotives:

We headed back to York City Town Centre to go to the Jorvik Viking Centre:

Unfortunately, we are only allowed to take SOME photos inside, so this is what we got inside:

Outside of Jorvik Viking Centre

It's 4pm already. My dad chionged all the way 384km to Travelodge at Dunfermline, outside the City of Edinburgh in SCOTLAND! We arrived at 10pm.

DAY 6:

Pictures of the Travelodge we stayed for the night outside the city of Edinburgh:

City of Edinburgh:

Up the hill of the City of Edinburgh, there is the Edinburgh Castle, my Favourite castle so far! :

Unfortunately again, we are not allowed to take pictures in the castle, but we managed to secretly take some shots :

The Real Scotish Crown:

Back outside of the castle:

Cemetery for soldier dogs, LOL:

Back to the City of Edinburgh:

We drove out of Scotland and went to a Travelodge near The Lake District.

DAY 7:

A picture we took of the Travelodge we for the night near The Lake District:

The Lake District:

There is an Outward Bound Campus in UK, lol!:

Aira Force Waterfall:

A Coin Log:

Anyway, back to the Waterfall:

Hills/Mountains and Sheeps!:

The World of Beatrix Potter (a popular Story book last time):

Went to Travelodge outside Liverpool and had dinner in a near-by pub:

Look at the portion of the Fish and chips, crazy! It was also bland, tasteless and there were some bones in it as well:

We couldn't finish our Dinner, way too much:

Look at the cakes as well, it super thick. It's about 10cm thick!:

After that, we headed back to Travelodge to rest for the next day. Something I really want to go on day 8.

Tomorrow, I will post pictures of day 8, 9 and 10.

12/16/2008 12:39:00 PM