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Friday, January 23, 2009

Yo suckas, juz came back from AMK Hub after havin a joyous time at Fish&Co. for my early bday dinner with 10ppl. I really like to thank Ernest Quek, Jerald Tan, Zexun, Gabriel Low, Gabriel Sng, Raymond Liew, Joshua Cheng, Ian Tan, Jan Ong and Sarah Poh for making this dinner a very joyous occasion.

Met Jan 1st at arnd 6pm at the mrt stn. Was so shocked she looked so nice! Her hair and her highlights, contacts and her dressing :D.

Then we met Ernest, Jerald, Zexun, Raymond and Gabriel Low at the escalator in AMK Hub up to the 2nd floor. Ian, Gabriel Sng and Sarah (she also looks more matured and nicer with her office dressing :D) followed soon after.

Exactly at 6.30pm Joshua Cheng arrived and then we went inside Fish&co:

Sarah and Gabriel Sng while chatting before the food comes:

Joshua Cheng and Gabriel Low chatting also while waiting for the food:

Yeah.... :

Anyway, these are the photos I can post now, I will post the rest when Zexun uploads the photos then i can take from his blog :D. Photos like me standing on the chair while the Fish&co. staff and friends were celebrating my bday. The photo of the cake and his other camwhore photos...
*Edit: Zexun managed to post the photos on his blog, (the next 4 photos are his, do not say its mine! :D):
Getting ready for the birthday celebration after dinner:

The Fish&Co. Stuff celebrating as well:

Me blowing candles:

A funny expression from me when Gab Sng putting a Cherry on top of my head...:

After dinner, all 11 of us went to walk arnd AMK Hub and went out later to take photo of the water fountain thing on display:
Me and Jan:

Uncle Ean:

Thank you Joshua Cheng and Raymond for the cute Monkey (im born in the year of the goat though, but monkey soft toys looks cuter than goats :D):

My sis and I at home:

Alrighty, see u next time. Im flying off to Bangkok on saturday morning. If any of you guys coming, pls sms or call me so that i know who is coming to visit. I will be at the airport from around 8 - 8.30am.

1/23/2009 12:27:00 AM