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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year guys!! Couldn't post yesterday i was celebrating at Suntec City there to see the Fireworks from the Marina Bay, v nice. But i lazy post the fireworks on my blog. And even so, all fireworks looks the same so.....

Met Ian Tan, Gab Sng and Sarah again yesterday, went to Vivo City to see the countdown which was 3 hours before 12 midnight, then was playing arcade to kill time. But only 1 hour had passed. Pretty bored, then Gab and Ian suggested to go to Suntec City to see the fireworks instead. At least it killed time, so it's better to travel then. =D

Chilled at Starbucks in Suntec for an hour till 11.50pm. Then the last 10mins we rushed all the way to the Esplanade to see the Fireworks, very nice indeed =D.

After that, with much delay, Ian left at Clarke Quay to see his cousins. So Gab, Sarah and I travelled up to Punggol to see raymond after his job. We arrived at 1am, and the last train is at 1.38am. So after half an hour, raymond wasn't at punggol mrt yet. We had no choice to go down to the last train back to potong pasir. Instead, we met raymond at Potong Pasir for "supper" at Macs. LOL! then we went to Gab's house to slp over and raymond left at around 3.30am. Sarah and I slept at arnd 5-6am, and had no choice but to wake up at 7am cuz gab had to go to church.

When I woke up. Felt V sick. Dunno why, heh! But after breakfast, I felt much better.

My arm is much better now, i can stretch my arm at some angles without much pain though. But it is much much better. I would like to thank those of my friends who prayed for me and that i'm better now. Praise the Lord! =D

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

1/01/2009 10:48:00 PM