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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yo Suckas! I haven been updating for a week cuz was somehow lazy and busy with stuff.

Firstly, i shall announce my O lvl Results. From 33pts L1R5 in my Prelims, i got 17pts for L1R5 and 14pts L1R4 (which is 2 pts off my target...). I actually thought I needed 10pts to get into aerospace. But 12pts is needed to get in. I have 14pts -2 CCA pts = 12pts, in which i managed to scraped into the Requirments. So i really have to pray hard to get into aerospace in Ngee Ann Poly due to the high demand in this course.

Alright, since I did 2x better than my prelims, my parents gave me a treat. I am able to buy a phone with a budget from $500-$600. Well... These are the favourites to choose now and i'm gonna review them:

1. Apple iPhone:

Very Good, a nice and sensitive heat sensor touch screen, fast 3G, loads of apps i can buy.
BUT i have an ipod touch which is almost the same as an iphone except no SMS, 3G, GPS, no speaker, no microphone, no camera. Well... If i get an iphone juz for those stuff, i might as well stick to my N81 in which it has all of those. Not only that, the camera is rubbish (like my N81), i can't record, and iPhones are so common that I can find at least 15 different people everyday in SG... I like to be different.

2. Samsung Omnia:

Looks Good, 5 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile, Pressure Sensor Touch Screen.
BUT i seriously hate the laggy windows, the camera is not very good, and the pressure sensor is not as sensitive as i thought... Same as iPhone, loads of people have this as well.

3. Nokia N85:

A Slide phone: Very nice OLED Screen rather than LCD. It is less laggy, slimmer and slicker than the N96. It also has a 5 megapixel camera.
BUT my mum has this phone and the camera is pretty rubbish. The picture taken tends to be very blur. U have to hold your hand very very still to get a clear image (no image stabilization...).

I realized by looking at what i want from the first 3 phones i reviewed, its a good Camera and Video recorder phone.

So, there are 4 more phones i have tried and these are the four 8 megapixel cameras in the market right now:

4. Sony Ericsson C905:

A Slide phone. Its an 8 megapixel camera phone with Xenon Flash. Very good in taking photos in the night, pretty sharp images all rounder. The user interface is very friendly.
BUT Sony Ericsson tends to be very laggy (almost the same as the Windows Mobile). Thus, it takes a very long time to snap a photo (about 4-5 secs). Not only that, the video recording is pretty rubbish. So there is no point going for this phone...
But if you are looking for a phone with the best camera shots taken, this phone is juz right for u.

5. Samsung Innov8:

A Slide phone. Symbian S60 software, very good in taking picture outdoors, close up shots, very nice sliding feel when you slide the phone, excellent video recording, very little lag.
BUT it has a LED Flash, which makes it difficult to get a bright picture at night. And it does not take photos fast enough though... (faster than LG Renoir and C905).
This is an excellent all rounder 8 megapixel camera phone. In Fact, i think its the best 8 megapixel phone so far.

6. Samsung Pixon:

A Pressure Sensor touch screen phone. Touch Wiz Software from samsung (same as the Samsung F480 Tocco) which as abit of lag, but not as bad as the SE C905 and slightly better than the LG Renoir. Good in taking very fast shots (ONE Second without image stabilization and 2 Seconds with Image Stabilization), one of the most sensitive pressure sensor touch screen i have ever tried, excellent. Very nice eye pleasing shots. The user interface while taking photos is extremely user friendly and easy to use. One of the best video recording out of the four 8 megapixel camera phones and it can play DivX movies as well.
BUT it has a LED Flash, which makes it difficult to get a bright picture at night. The camera is slightly (very slightly) less detailed than the Samsung Innov8 and the SE C905 (the pixon has almost the same detail as the LG Renoir). It also does not have GPS and Wi-Fi (No Wi-fi, WTH!)
The Samsung Pixon is not one of the best all rounder 8 megapixel phone, but it is one of the best Pressure Touch Screen phones in the market right now (although one of the ugliest).

7. LG Renoir:

A Pressure Sensor Touch Screen Phone. Has a software almost the same as the Touch Wiz software from Samsung, thus, it's not very laggy. Has pretty Sharp shots. Has pretty nice detail (almost the same as the Pixon). It has Xenon Flash. Good Video Recording and the looks of the phone is pretty nice and it can play DivX movies as well.
BUT the Xenon is extremely useless at night. Even the LED Flash phones from Innov8 and Pixon is brighter than the LG Renoir's Xenon Flash. The pressure sensor touch screen is not that sensitive, and i have to press the screen pretty hard to choose applications. The fullscreen camera viewfinder doesn't show the entire frame and the camera tends to over-sharpen shots.
Still, the LG Renoir is a pretty good phone i must say with the looks and feel. But it does not have the user friendliness from other 8 megapixel phones have.

The Samsung Innov8 is nice, but i prefer touch screen phones and Shaun Lai already has this. So thus, it's down between the 2 touch screen phones. Both share the touchscreen form factor and both appeal nice to me. Choosing between them is a tough call. The Pixon has more camera-centric looks and is certainly a match for the Renoir imaging skill. Both costs around the same price and, while the Pixon lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, it makes up some with slightly bigger screen estate, better widgets, WVGA video recording and quad-band GSM support (which most Renoirs on the market reportedly lack).

So i bought the Samsung Pixon in the end. heh!

Last Saturday, the School had a CCA Display for the Sec 1 students. We demonstrated to both the parents and students with Flight Simulators, RC helicopters and high speed Combat line-control planes. A Total of 32 students signed up. 22 from express and 10 from NA.

These are like only some pictures and a video recorded during the CCA display with my Samsung Pixon:

My Trex 450XL CCPM Align Helicopter before take-off for demonstration:

RC Helicopters and planes on display before the CCA Display starts:

A 1/2A F2B "P-51 Mustang" Stunt plane:

A photo of the F2D Combat Plane before taking off:

The 30000rpm Zorro Engine (watch the video to see how powerful and how loud the engine it Screams):

A Video F2D combat plane doing high speed stunts flown by Kevin Su (recording using Samsung Pixon WVGA 720x480 but sadly the quality of the video on the blog ain't that good...):

Lastly, i would like to apologize to Sarah Poh for missing her 17th Bday celebration due to the large amount of preparation i had before the CCA display last saturday. Happy Belated 17th Birthday Sarah! :D

1/20/2009 07:19:00 PM