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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yo ppl! This week is abit more relaxing a boring though.... Heh! I'm still researching for a new laptop, building my spare 1/2A Combat Plane and playing some LAN games. So i've been spending my time at home building my plane and researching while i go out to my sec sch to play LAN in the SYFC Simulator room. Hehe. :P

Anyway, on tuesday night, after playing LAN in the SYFC Simulator room till 11pm, we kinda saw the spotlights in the Sch's Artificial Turf still on! Omg, really a waste of electricity... The Australians (i think) were using the sec sch turf to do rugby trainings, ended like at 9pm and they didnt bother to switch it off. So umm.... yeah look at the amount of electricity wasted:

Sorry for the poor Quality photo, my hand shook the moment i pressed the shutter button. =x

Ystd, i had supper with Gab Ean at Serangoon Gardens. Ok, to gab, its not supper. Its dinner actually. :P. He bought Hokkien Mee and Stingray while I ate the Fried Carrot Cake. The Carrot Cake is kinda nice, but i would still prefer the one at Toa Payoh.
We also ordered 2 big mugs of Sugar Cane Juice and here it is:

After eating, i realised Jan was studying for her test and i kinda thought of buying some nice for her to eat and chill out for awhile before studying again. I bought her Vanilla flavoured Frolick with Strawberry and mango toppings to go with it. Knowing that its gonna melt quickly (ok, 15mins...), Gab and I quickly rushed to Jan's house like mad. We quickly called Jan and realised she left the house 10mins ago. Heh, so we had to ask her to pass the Frolick to her sis and put it into the freezer till Jan comes back.

We waited for bus 315 at the bus-stop outside Jan's house and we kinda missed it. It really took a long time for the next bus to arrive, which was about 20-25mins. So Gab was like playing some deathmatch, survival fighting game and the most he could achieve was like level 40+ out of 100 levels. LOL!

When the bus arrived and we boarded it, Jan came back home. LOL! So we kinda just missed each other during that past 1hr. Haha. Anyway, we took the bus to Serangoon Bus interchange, took the NEL MRT to Potong Pasir and then i took bus 13 back home.

Alrighty, enuff of blogging, time to go back to research for the laptop im keeping for 3 years in Poly... Tata!

To her: Sorry for not saying good luck for yur test last night :(

3/05/2009 08:30:00 PM