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Monday, March 2, 2009

Yo ppl. Its 6 days since i updated. Yeah. Sry for the almost 1 week delay cuz i was rly busy with my stuff and all. I know its not as stressful as studying or working, but its also pretty hard to build my freaking 1/2A Combat Model Airplane, which is slightly smaller than the bigger F2D Combat plane.

I'm also been flying e flight simulator also to train up for my PPL (if i can pass my flight simulator of cuz) like the Piper Warrior II? Ok fine, i didnt fly that useless plane almost every single day. i found that it was rly no kick le. The F-16s, F-15s and F-18s are also no kick cuz these fighter planes are really sensitive and easy to maneuver, so i can land really easily.

So i decided to first try flying the SR71A Blackbird, the fastest manned plane in the world from Paya Lebar Airbase. I tried hitting mach 2 at arnd 5000 feet, plane overstressed. I tried pulling the plane vertically up and it overstressed again. So i slowly climbed at 60 degrees upwards at mach 0.7 to about 60000 feet where the sky is rly dark, turned back to Singapore and pumped full throttle to about Mach 3.32 (which is only 200 knots, wth....) and then i had to cut my throttle to about 20% and slowly fly at arnd 10-15 degrees downwards back to near sea level where i can land e Blackbird in paya lebar (which u had to go around the whole of Singapore twice juz to drop from 60000 feet to 2000 feet... ). Just to recap to some people who don't know wat a SR71A Blackbird is:

I also flew the Boeing 747 and i managed to land safely 3 times in a row. I took off from Changi Airport, turned to angle 330 and flew for about 10mins there up to 5000 feet and turned back to Changi airport to land. Extremely easy. During the first 2 landings, i kinda over-sped a little cuz i put my flaps down at 40 degrees at 220 knots. Which the Flight Simulator was telling me that the speed was kinda damaging the flaps... But on my third try, it was a smooth as silk. I landed the plane without overspeeding which will damage my flaps and i touched down without even realising that i landed till the control tower said that i have to get away of the runway and move to the nearest taxiway... Just to recap wat a Boeing 747-400 is:

Ok, too much flight simulator goodness. Now pics :D :

One of the Delifrance Desert i ate. It was some ice cream thing on a warm and crispy croissant:

The Simulator room where i fly my Flight simulator. Really good. It has 4 coms with a Core 2 Quad Processor, 20 inch screen (bigger i think), 256mb nVidia Graphics card and something else. 4 really powerful desktops:

Yeah.... The SAYFC Trainers and Seniors (although one trainer is beside me and im also one of the SAYFC Senior):

Shaun and Jonald while we were having coffee in Vivo City on Wednesday afternoon. :P :

The Michael Ching Cup. Its already 2009 and nobody bothered to update it. So my name is the last one written on it... Which is 2006 fyi:

The Dinner with Ian, Sarah, Raymond, Atticus, Jerald and Gab Sng that Ian paid, the day before he flew off to Japan. And the dinner ain't cheap. Thanks Ian Tan for the dinner, take care and stay well in Japan yeah? :D :

Played badminton singles ystd with Wenkai, managed to win 17-15. Phew! Good to see her yesterday too. :P

3/02/2009 02:09:00 PM